Monday, June 14, 2010

Sum sum summertime

This summer has been absolutely great so far. It started out with my 28th birthday bash with my friends. So much fun at Kobe Steakhouse and then chillin at Westport. The band at Trainwreck was horrible, but at least the rest of the night was great. Here's a picture of Cynthia, Emily, and I at my birthday!

That weekend I also went to Pittsfield to visit my grandparents. I'm glad I went that day because that week, we had to put my grandpa in the Alzheimer's unit of a nursing home. It was a very hard decision for my family, but I think this is best for him.

Memorial Day was eventful. We went to a service for my grandpa that the funeral home put on. It was a very nice service, but ever since then I just haven't been able to stop thinking about my grandpa. Such a strong, determined, Christian man. You are missed every single day Grandpa.

That night my parents, brother, sister-in-law, and grandma went out for my birthday at McCormick's and Schmicks. Great food and great company. Love that the head chef there is a parent of one of my students.

Beth and I left for San Diego for her to run her 3rd marathon. So proud of my friend Beth. We had an awesome visit and stayed with a friend from college. We went to the beach, Mt. Soledad, and downtown. It was a great relaxing vacation. Here are some pictures from the vacation.

When we returned, Maeve and I went to Columbia for Beth's 30th birthday and enjoyed some Shakesphere's Pizza and frozen yogurt. Good stuff:)

Lastly, my friend Lacey and her family are moving away today. All the girls from church got together and had a great goodbye dinner. It was awesome hanging out with everyone. Love ya Lacey and I'll miss you!!

That's my summer so far. So excited for things to come. I'm back on track with my workout and eating healthy. Possibly another trip with my girls to a beach. The best newphew should be here soon!! Due date is the 26th. I'll keep ya posted!

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