Monday, June 28, 2010

Hot in Here....

Well, St. Louis that is. It has been crazy hot in St. Louis. Softball and volleyball games have been almost unbearable, but that does not stop me from going to the pool. Obviously:)

My lovely little nephew is already 1 week old. It does not seem possible. I promised some pictures, so here ya go:)

Seriously, how cute is this child??? He will definitely be spoiled by me:)

If you want to check out my other pictures from the summer I have a website: Feel free to follow my life through pictures!

This past week has been awesome. Spent a lot of time with the Stulls this week. Went to the Muny to see Beauty and the Beast. I loved it of course and then went to El Maguey after church on Wednesday. Christina and I hit up Trainwreck on Friday and I actally really enjoyed the band. Thank goodness, cause the band on my birthday was just horrible. Always have a good time with those girls!

My friends and I finally booked and nailed down our trip for July. So excited! It is just gonna be a relaxing beach vacation in Florida. Should be a really good time.

On a more serious note, I really enjoyed the service yesterday at church. The worship was amazing...great songs. I'm a sucker for worship songs. I feel like its the way I relate and communicate with God the best. Yesterday the songs were just for least that's what I thought:) Pastor Ron is doing this amazing series on prayer. Yesterday hit home for me. Just the reminder of praying without ceasing and waiting on the Lord to answer prayers. God has perfect timing and sometimes it is hard for me to remember that. But, I will serve Him and worship Him while I wait. Love that!

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