Monday, January 16, 2012

What a Weekend!!

This weekend was absolutely amazing. I needed a weekend like that. And...I love that I have today off to get myself together for the week. Let's recap!

Friday night after work, I met up with my friends Christina and LeRoy to shoot a promotional video for The Exchange at church. It was good times and look for the link to the video coming soon. While shooting the video, Christina and I decided to see Beauty and the Beast 3D with Hannah. This is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE movie and I enjoyed it even more in 3D.

Saturday, Beth came into town for my best friend's wedding shower. It was so great to see Julie and celebrate with her. I got my bridesmaid dress at the shower and now the fun comes in trying to figure out how to wear it. It's one of those twist wrap dresses so you can wear it like a ton of different ways.

Saturday night, Emily and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Broncos/Patriots game. Sad that the Broncos lost, but I ran into an old friend. So not all bad.

Yesterday was pretty lazy. I went to church, got a run/walk in, and planned my menu and grocery list for the week. I'm pretty proud of myself with my run/walk. I did a run 1 minute, walk 1 1/2 minute split for 20 minutes on the treadmill. I hope today I can try a 1 minute, 1: 15 minute walk split. We shall try.

I stepped on the scale today and I'm down another 3.5 pounds!!!! I'm so excited. It seems like this planning out meals, no soda, working out thing is working so far for me. It's not like I've given everything up either. I've had a soda and some fast food this week. I never want to deprive myself of anything. Hopefully I can keep it up this week.

Enjoy your MLK day friends and remember what he stood for!

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